You will find the aisle
a hectic freeway, filled
with dangers galore.
Meditate on this mantra,
patience…and respect,
as you proceed through
this disciplinary course.

If mildly inconvenienced, 
please repeat twenty to fifty times.

Lesson 1: Safety Regulations
Adhere to speed limits,
maintain your lane, pull over
as needed, and, above all, avoid
the lackadaisical jack-knife. Why?
You chose to participate
in rush hour
not a solitary, midnight drive.

Lesson 2: Nature Studies
Observe the employed bees,
producing honey for a whole colony,
worker ants that carry more than their weight.
If your wipers function properly, perhaps you’ll see
a mother barely keeping ends together,
a student toiling for a better life.
They are hosts, you are guests; 
with both comes 
to preserve the environment.

Lesson 3: Common Decency
An item might be vacant.
A strong desire will tempt you 
to swat at the closest bee or ant.
Don’t be surprised if they sting you 
in self-defense.
When you decide to act 
like a child,
you are entitled
to be treated as one.