Hi, I’m Nathan Hendricks, I’m 26, and currently a Senior at Kennesaw State University, finishing up a Bachelors Degree in English. While my heart will always be in sci-fi/fantasy fiction, I’ve worked hard at KSU to diversify my writing, with classes in non-fiction, poetry, and workplace writing.

During my college career, I’ve also worked part-time at Food Depot. I started as a minimum-wage bagger, and over the years I’ve earned my current position of warehouse/display associate. While it’s certainly not the most glamorous job, it’s taught me a surprising amount about organization, problem-solving, and customer service. More than anything else, I value loyalty and hard work. Despite faulty forklifts that eliminate the need for a gym membership, or even the Great Toilet Paper Apocalypse of 2020 , I’ve done all I can to keep the warehouse organized and the sales floor pretty.

With the little amount free time left over from work and school, I’ve invested most of it into the college ministry, The Navigators, serving as both a student leader and mentor. As a hobby, I’ve also been slowly working on my first book, of which bits and pieces might end up here.

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