I have always found technology intimidating. When I’ve contemplated my career path after graduation, there was always a hope avoiding anything remotely close to content creation; not necessarily because of a moral high ground, but rather lack of trust in my limited experience in technology. This course has radically changed to blatant fear to timid confidence.

The Projects

The article review allowed me to find my footing with WordPress with a genre, academic review, I’ve had a fair amount of experience with in college. It also highlighted reviewing another work critically and finding both the good and bad with it. The experiential review challenged me to get out of the office and review an experience within a short timeframe. It highlights description, experience and advice. It also taught me how to imped google maps and other programs into my website. The interest blog allowed for an example of slightly more free-form writing, not only holding to the criteria of multi-modal blogs, but also allowing me to demonstrate my knowledge of fiction and story-making. Learning how to make an infographic is an extremely important skill in the field of content production, and this assignment made me leave my comfort zone of writing and increase my skill in visual design. As for the publication project and contents of choice, these allowed me to not only learn about the publication process, but also show and refine the different creative genres I can write.

The Challenge

This course challenged me to peak my head out of my protective shell. I’ve always found the idea of Linked-In page frightening; I’ve never felt prepare to insert myself into the professional level in such a drastic way. Perhaps part of it is the fear of rejection, par of it is facing the fact that life after college is quickly approaching. The publication project also forced me to gulp down my fear and actually put my work into the world. While I’ve been crafting stories since I was little, this is the first time I’ve had the confidence to start presenting them to people and receiving their reactions.

Marketable Skills

In this course, I have learned the marketable skills I can bring to the table and a better understanding of the different fields within writing where they could shine. I have learned how to craft a professional identity and understand the key words that not only represent me well, but entice the eyes of prospective employers. I want to present myself as writer who extremely flexible and adaptable; who is always hard-working and reliable; who is kind and respectful to clients, co-workers, and supervisors, alike. I’ve learned how even though my job experience may not align with my education, in my resume and portfolio I can highlight universal skill that could apply to any job. I can show how my knack for organization can be used anywhere; from sorting out inventory in a warehouse to simplifying the layout of a webpage.


But, most importantly, I’ve learned the value of collaboration with a team of peers. Nothing I create will be truly perfect, but with the careful review and advise from peers, any piece can be brought to its best potential. Not only does a good team, like we had in this class, bolster your confidence in what you excel, but also give critiques and suggestions that would never come to me in a million years.

Into the Future

I think technology will always frighten that slightly-luddite part of me. However, I now have the experience under my belt to know that even if I don’t know how to use a certain technology, with time and patience, I can learn. And if I can learn than I can succeed.